About The Strength & Balance DVD

We all want to stay active and walk with assurance, without the fear of falling.

Joe Pinella’s program, Strength and Balance for Fall Prevention was specifically designed to improve balance, and reduce your risk of a devastating fall.

A basic principle of restoring balance control through exercise is that you have to stimulate it in the way that it is used. The exercises used in this DVD are based on Tai Chi and Chi Gong exercises which exaggerate the natural movements of walking, reaching, turning and shifting your weight.

In Strength and Balance for Fall Prevention, the slow repetitive movements and controlled shifting of body weight help you restore the inner awareness of properly balanced movement.

 Joe has put all these, and many more, movement skills into a 45-minute program that makes good, balanced movement into a habit. Almost a reflex

 The strength & Balance for Fall Prevention DVD is 60 minutes long. It includes a 30 minute total body workout and also 30 minutes of instruction on each of the poses, or exercises.

Reviews from Users

I had been doing Joe Pinella’s Strength and Balance exercises for a couple of month’s when I found out how instinctive they can become. I was walking away from a buffet table with a plate of food in one hand and a soft drink in the other. As I walked through a door, a little boy of about six or seven years old decided to play martial arts expert and swept my front leg right out as I was walking! I was amazed to find that I was able to keep my balance and keep on walking – without stumbling or losing my plate of food! Without this training, I would have taken a nasty fall! Nettie D


These exercises are so simple to do and really give you a great workout at the same time. I have found this program very helpful with my great passion: hiking in Southern Arizona. Loose rocks on a hilly trail can be treacherous especially for an older hiker like me. With Joe Pinella’s balance program, I am able to keep my balance and stay on the trail! Anna P

$ 39.95