Healing Movements System DVD

Healing Movements System with Joe Pinella


The Healing Movements System is a blend of the ancient Chinese healing arts, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. It can be used by anyone, starting from any physical condition. The exercises can be done standing up or sitting down. They can be used for getting back into shape after long periods of inactivity or serious illness. The system can be used for pain relief or recovery after injury. It is perfect for overall health maintenance of the entire body.

The key to making this program work for you is to always exercise within your limits! The goal is not to make the movements “look right,” but to let them do their magic at your current level of ability. Each movement is designed to open energy blockages the same way acupuncture does. Never strain. Never push. Do only what you can without experiencing pain. Moving with pain or trying too hard will only impede your progress.

The Healing Movements System Tai Chi and Qigong DVD is 90 minutes long. It includes a 45-minute total body workout, and 30 minutes of instruction on the exercises. I’ve included a 12-minute warm up to get your body ready for your favorite sports or other activities. Remember, when you work with nature to heal your body… MIRACLES HAPPEN.


Reviews from Users

"I was very athletic for most of my adult life and assumed I would remain active, until I suffered a back injury in my early sixties, a combination of overdoing intense yoga and a fall when I tripped while jogging. My orthopedist told me I had severe arthritis of the lower back and hip and to stop all but the most minimal activity. Two years later I was depressed and out of shape. That’s when I discovered Joe Pinella and his wonderful Healing Movements System. The exercises were not vigorous, like those I had done for years. But they made me feel better, and I soon felt I was regaining my strength and flexibility. Not only did I feel better physically, I felt better emotionally, too—calmer and less stressed. I’d always believed that exercise had to be performed at a maximal level of exertion to be effective, but Joe’s classes showed me the opposite is true. Joe is not only a gifted teacher, he’s an inspiration." -- Kathryn Lance, best-selling author of Running for Health and Beauty and Getting Strong.

"Healing Movement Qigong has opened my mind and body to previously unknown possibilities! This DVD has become one of the most important tools for me as I age. In just a few months I have begun to see positive changes in my posture, my balance my endurance and my focus. The Healing Movements System DVD has become my new best friend." -- Diane Fuller, one very happy student!

"Joe Pinella’s Healing Movements are life giving! Joe practices what he preaches, and is a living example of the power of Chi Gong.  I have always hated going to the gym, using weights, and walking on the treadmill.  It never felt natural or holistic for me.  Doing Chi Gong makes me strong, keeps me limber, and it is more healing and healthy than the drudgery of the gym." -- Pauline J. Albert, Ph.D.

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